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BUST // Irish Government Rebrand
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In response to the countries current economic crisis B[]X have created a series of posters.
We designed and uploaded one peice every two weeks since last November 2010.

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Where's Enda ?

Answers on a postcard to:

Fine Gael,
National Headquarters,
51 Upper Mount Street,
Dublin 2.

Closing Date:
25th February 2011

featured on - The Irish Times
Featured on The Irish Times

February 9th 2011.

Wheres Edna
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I don't know what a
tracker mortgage is...

January 2011.

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Take me to your leader...

Saturday 22nd January 2011.
14.05 GMT

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A Lot Done,
More To Do.

December 2010.

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This party's over,
I'm going home.

December 2010

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It is fiction, absolutely nothing is taking place in respect of this...

Ireland Sunday 21st November 2010 20.30 GMT

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November 2010
Client - Irish Government

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